Feel Better

“Buon giorno”

Opening the eyes in the morning

Trying to let the sun come up inside us

Even feeling anything at all

Is it right?

“Tentar sem parar”…

Well it is!

Just because I cannot know what will happen in the next second

We cannot see the future

But all this can be great

The surprises always has your good side

Even if it comes just to teach us how to live

And sometimes it is “No fight, no dreams, no expectations”

Try it on our own way…

Try to fall in love… or not!

The love happens when you need it, like magic it simply appears

There’s no rules to live, just enjoy it because this time is our onlyone chance…

Don’t think I’m too smart to know all this, I’m only repeating to myself, trying make my heart trust on it.

I keep repeating…

“C’est la vie!”